Meet the Team




My passion to start fieldtastic came upon helping foster dogs, I could see some rescue dogs who struggled when out walking. I wanted to create a safe space where owners and dogs could enjoy the space without any stresses or worries. 

Fieldtastic is my "baby" I cannot imagine life without it, the joy it brings us to see the field being used for so many dogs is wonderful. 

My family has owned dogs my whole life, I was brought up with Chows such big fluffy teddy bears. 

We now have Marlow who is Collie x labradoodle, we had him as a rescue from a puppy and he now has his new baby brother Monty the Dachshund. 

Mel has her pet first aid, and has started her journey as a dog behaviourist 





Kath helps in admin you may have spoken with her if you have made an inquiry via email or commented on Facebook

Kath also manages the playdate bookings, she is the wonderful lady who pops you down on one of our many lists for the fun playdate sessions and our "in house" photographer who captures your dogs having fun. 

Kath is pictured with the beautiful Mollie, who is Marlow's replacement when Mel and Marlow are on holiday sniffing out anything that may have been left behind







Sophie is our Instagram manager, she is responsible for all our posts that you see and that you kindly like and share.

Her skills on Instagram have created a bigger wider audience and she does a fantastic job. 

Sophie has a Labrador called Otto who is pictured with her, he is the soppiest most lovable Labrador you'll ever meet. 







Laura steps in when ever Mel needs help, she covers Mel while away on holiday, closing up last thing when everyone has gone home, Laura tops up all the poo bag dispensers, drinks and empties the bins, she makes sure it's already for visitors for the following day. 

Laura has three beautiful dogs that thoroughly enjoy Fieldtastic and are all super cute






Nikki helps at the weekends with the field checks etc, she does such an amazing job keeping the field clean and tidy and making sure everything is ok. Nikki's nick name is - number 1 poo picker of number 2's

Nikki's true passion and love in life is Beagles! She had her first beagle over 20 years ago and has never looked back.  Nikki currently has a gorgeous boy called Bodhi aka Mr Loppy Lugs!!  He is full of fun and loves to spend time flying through the air over the jumps at Fieldtastic with his beautiful big ears going in all directions!