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*DACHSHUND PLAYDATE on the 16th March is now full

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*ALL BREEDS PLAYDATE on the 30th March is now full






How do I introduce my dog to a group session?

Dogs rushing up to newcomers can be quite intimidating for new dogs so try to communicate with other dog owners when you’re inside Fieldtastic.

Ensure that you keep your dog away from the entrance until the session is in full swing. We encourage owners to enjoy the space down the far end of the field while dogs and owners arrive. 

Please be aware that not all dogs will want to play with each other, so please don’t encourage or force them to.

The dogs will make their own decisions about who they want to play with and there’s plenty of room and opportunity for solo play with their owners instead.

We will monitor all the dogs' behaviour with each other - if we think a dog is struggling with the group environment, we will flag these to the owners.

If for any reason we believe that the play session isn't the right group for your dog, we will explain why and advice the right play session for your dog or offer you a full refund.  

Please don't be offended if this happens, all dogs are different and sometimes dogs react in a way that is unexpected in a group session.

 You are reasonable for your own dogs at all times please. 

Let the FUN BEGIN 🐾🐾


No booking confirmation will be sent, we shall receive your booking and look forward to seeing on the playdate.

If we have any issues or need to cancel we shall email you directly.